Free roof to scam victim

Giving Back

In September, Phyliss told her neighbor about the work she needed done. Her neighbor recommended a man who they had used for some eavestrough work. Apparently, he did roofing too.

Phyliss and her daughter, Carol, met the man. He provided a verbal quote. Then, he requested half of the cost upfront. Phyllis wrote him a cheque.

The man delivered half of the shingles and told Phyliss to leave them behind the garbage bins in her carport. He assured her that work would begin the next day. Phyliss was uncomfortable leaving the shingles in the carport (which anyone could access), so she arranged to have them moved into the garage.

Later that evening, as Phyllis was getting ready for bed, she looked out back and noticed the same van that had delivered the shingles. Someone was rummaging around in her carport. Phyllis suspected it was the man she hired. When the man realized the shingles weren’t there, he quickly left.

He never returned to start the job. After trying to contact him numerous times, Phyliss went to the police. Unfortunately, since she didn’t have a written contract, there was nothing the police could do.

Still, with only half the shingles for the job, Phyliss needed a new roof for her garage and carport. Carol’s friend recommended Wheatland Roofing. When Taylor, one of our estimators arrived, Phyliss told him what had happened. Taylor brought the information back to the office, and we knew he had to help Phyliss out. We decided to install the roof for free and supply the rest of the roofing components. Kenroc supplied the shingles she was short.

Remember: you should never pay a contractor up front for a regular asphalt roof replacement, and always have a written contract!

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