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More than just shingles

While shingles are at the core of your roof, there are additional components that shouldn't be overlooked. At Wheatland, we treat your roof as an integrated system. Each component works together to make sure your home is protected.

A diagram of a roofing system with each individual component isolated.
1. Shingles

Determines the longevity of the roof. Create curb appeal by giving a distinctive look to your home.

2. Ice and water membrane

Protects the roof deck from water penetration (winter freeze/thaw cycle).

3. Roof deck protection

Underlayment prevents wind driven rain from infiltrating under the shingles.

4. Valley protection

Ice and water membrane to protect against water penetration in a vulnerable area of the roof.

5. Vents

Proper attic ventilation is crucial for a long lasting roofing system and is a necessity to meet building code and warranty requirements.

6. Roofing cement

Ideal to waterproof effectively around the areas vulnerable to leaks.

7. Flashing

Protect areas vulnerable to leaks. (Skylights, chimneys, walls, etc.)

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8. Drip edge

Metal flashing for efficient water shedding at eave roof edge.